From the voices of the Children:

  • She is my friend. She takes me on lots of adventures. She teaches me new things. She reads us stories.  ~ KMNP 5 yr old


  • She does cool and fun things. All the time she goes outside. Sometimes she goes to the mountain, sometimes to the park and sometimes to the backyard. I like her snacks and she lets us know when its lunch time. Mrs. Jenkins takes care of us. ~ KMNP 5 yr old


  • She has beautiful things to play with. She's loving. She lets us play in the creek. ~ KMNP 6 yr old


  • She helps me every time I need it. I love everything about her ~ KMNP 5 yr old


  • She plays with me. I like going to the mountain with her ~ KMNP 4 yr old


  • She takes us hiking. She tells us stories and goes outside with us. Snacks!  ~ KMNP 4 yr old


  • Mrs. Jenkins takes care of me. She gives me hugs. She holds hands for me and she takes me to the mountain ~ KMNP 4 yr old


  • I give her hugs. I love playing in the creek ~ KMNP 4 yr old





From the voices of the KMNP Parents:


  • She is a life changer for the Parents!


  • We love that she teaches our son about nature and how to safely enjoy and experience all that it offers!


  • We love her approach to learning and how she treats our child as worthy to be heard and understood!


  • We love that she is so patient to answer each child's question on each subject.


  • We love her wealth of knowledge on the outdoors and fun recipes for the children to try! 


  • We love that she goes above and beyond to do what is necessary to keep our kids outside to experience all sides of nature no matter the condition of the weather!


  • She puts kindness into every activity she does with the kids.


  • She inspires the kids to love nature.


  • She lets the kids be kids, exploring the best toys...dirt, leaves, acorns, stones, sticks, etc.


  • She makes our son so happy every time he is going to school. 


  • She is extra prepared and overflowing with creativity and ideas! 


  • Her passion and love for nature and children is contagious. 


  • Her warm greeting and smile make all who come to her presence feel valued and welcome.


  • She supports and encourages parents to become the best version of themselves.


  • We love how she allows for space to let the children blossom and grow!


  • She appreciates the uniqueness of each child and honors it.


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