Nature Pedagogy is an understanding of our sense of belonging to land, our sense of working with nature. There is a pedagogical shift when you move outside into nature... it's learning with nature, not just teaching about it

     - Claire Warden

Fall 2019 - 2020 Tuition and Registration

We offer a Forest Preschool program for children ages 3 to 6 years old. Children who turn 3 years old by Aug 1 are generally ready and eligible for this class. Children must be able to communicate their needs for a restroom and be potty proficient. For purposes of safety and respect to others or wildlife, children will also need to be able to follow directions, safety rules and guidelines while on field trips within our small group. We strive to create a balanced and diverse population of learners for our Preschool class that meets:

  • Our Multi-age Preschool class meets Monday through Friday with 2, 3 or 5 day options
  • Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • For those enrolling for Fall 2019 - 2020, a 10 month school year:
    • 5 day tuition is $975 per month or prepaid $9,500 per year
    • 3 day tuition is $625 per month or prepaid $6,100 per year
    • 2 day tuition is $450 per month or prepaid $4,400 per year
  • Yearly registration fee is non a refundable $200 (per child) to reserve a spot for the school year.
    • Currently enrolled Families have a $150 registration fee during their enrollment period
  • Priority for enrollment:
    • Jan. 21 - Feb. 15  for currently enrolled students
    • Feb. 16 - Mar. 9 for the general public
  • Our school year follows the Cobb County School calendar. The 2019 - 2020 school year begins August 1st and ends May 20th. Summer Camps will also be offered.
  • The tuition is prepaid and due by the first business day of each month.
  • There are no deductions of the monthly tuition for sick days, snow days, vacations, holidays, power outages due to tornado/hurricane or other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.
  • We maintain a very low teacher to student ratio 1-2:6

Application and Registration Process

We are pleased that you are interested in our KMNP outdoor experience. Choosing an appropriate preschool for your child and family is an important decision and we hope to help you in this process.

Our process for applying and registration:

  1. First read our website and take a school tour. Please bring your child with you to the initial tour. You may review the Parent Handbook during your tour. Come prepared with questions and we will be happy to discuss any questions that you may have.
  2. Then if you feel that Kennesaw Mountain Nature Preschool may be right for your family and would like to apply, fill out an application and scan & email or print & mail us the form along with a photo of your child.
  3. After we have met and taken a school tour together, we need to make sure that all your questions are answered and that our school is a good fit for your family as well as discuss any other concerns  or special circumstances that may need to be addressed.
  4. Once the applications have been received we will notify families of their application status and/or acceptance within 1 - 2 weeks.
  5. Once you have received confirmation to enroll your child, then we will send you an enrollment packet (including a copy of the Parent Handbook) that you need to return as soon as possible fully filled out along with $200 deposit to hold your child's spot. Any missing or inaccurate information may delay or forfeit your child's spot.
  6. Make sure to attach your child's immunization records.
  7. The enrollment process will be officially done and your child will be enrolled once we receive all of your paperwork ~ enrollment packet, deposit, immunization information and our bank clears your payment. You may pay registration fees by Pay Pal on our website or mail to our school address.
  8. The wait list is an option for parents who are interested in our unique preschool experience and wish to be on the wait list for the event that a spot opens up throughout the school year. The wait list fee is $25

* We may accept applications beyond the deadline as there may be a limited number of spots available. There will still be a wait period for determining admission to our program including the same process as above.

Ensuring success in our Forest Preschool program:

Clothing Requirements

  • Be prepared for your child to dress appropriately for exploring freely outdoors, get dirty, and feel comfortable no matter the weather.

We borrow the old Scandinavian adage ~

There is no bad weather, but inappropriate clothing choices.

  • Before you apply for our program, consider whether you and your child are comfortable with or willing to be outdoors for most of the school day and in a variety of weather. We require dressing your children in layers during the winter months, with loose clothing so that the body can warm itself and insulate in between layers of clothing.
  • We offer Parents recommendations and a few requirements for appropriate clothing for the factors of safety, durability, waterproofing, comfort and ease of use. Our list of recommendations have been tested in many Forest School programs and work well in rainy or cold conditions. When dressed appropriately, children will be healthy and safe while happily playing outside and become accustomed to the seasonal changes.
  • We provide Oakiwear rainsuits and Artic Zone lunch boxes with two ice walls and shoulder strap to help children be hands free during hikes as well as keep lunches chilled for an extended period of time.

Your child will need:

  • Appropriate Clothing:
    • Waterproof winter coat (Columbia, Lands End)
    • Fleece hooded jacket
    • Winter/summer hat found here 
    • Wool/ thermal socks found here and here
    • Oakiwear, Gordini, of Lands End Waterproof Mittens/Gloves found here and here and here and here
    • Fleece neck warmer (not a scarf) found here
    • Oakiwear Rain pants found here
    • Thermal underwear (top and bottom base layer) found here
    • Oakiwear or Bogs Rain boots found here
    • Closed toe water shoes for warmer weather (no flip flops or Crocs)
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